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Connect the Future with the Onboard Technology Group

At the intersection of travel, transport, and technology, we are the Onboard Technology Group. We specialise in creating innovative connectivity and tracking solutions that power the transport and travel industry. Our mission is to reshape every journey, making it more efficient, enjoyable, and seamlessly connected.

Our Group of Companies

BEAM Onboard

Steering the future of transport technology, BEAM Onboard stands at the forefront of innovation. Specialising in advanced road transport solutions, we bridge the gap between technology and transit.

Our strengths lie in delivering cutting-edge onboard internet connectivity, offering precise vehicle tracking and telematics, and ensuring comprehensive asset tracking.

At BEAM Onboard, we’re not just providing solutions; we’re transforming journeys, shaping smarter transportation, and creating a connected world on the move.

Onboard LABS

Acting as the catalyst for change, LABS is the consultancy and project delivery powerhouse within the BEAM Onboard ecosystem. We provide a blend of strategic insights, technical expertise, and exceptional execution to bring BEAM’s innovative products to life in the transport industry.

With a keen understanding of the nuances of technology and transport, our team thrives in designing and implementing custom solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations.

At LABS, we don’t just deliver projects; we shape experiences, leading the charge towards a connected and seamless future in transport.

SPACEtag® Systems

Spacetag® is an innovative technology company committed to revolutionising workplace safety, efficiency, and personalised solutions. With a unique blend of advanced tracking technology, digital Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and bespoke consultancy services, Spacetag® is at the forefront of providing safety, asset management, and custom-tailored solutions.

The company’s offerings extend beyond traditional safety measures to include specialised Research & Development initiatives and prototyping, providing a comprehensive approach to meeting each client’s unique needs. As a partner in shaping safer, smarter, and more efficient workplaces, Spacetag® stands as a beacon of innovation and commitment in the realm of workplace safety and efficiency.

Cubik Consulting

Cubik Consulting is a division of Spacetag® that specialises in providing innovative no-code automation solutions to businesses of all sizes. With our expertise in cutting-edge platforms like Make (Integromat) and n8n, we empower businesses to streamline their processes and increase productivity without the need for complex coding.

Our custom-built automation workflows eliminate manual work, reduce costs, and improve efficiency, enabling businesses to focus on what truly matters. Whether it’s automating repetitive tasks, integrating various applications, or creating personalised workflows, our team is dedicated to delivering tailored no-code automation solutions that drive success.