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Digital PPE for the workplace

The compact Sapace Tag being held in a hand

SPACEtag is digital PPE for the workplace.

Helping staff and contractors maintain social distancing while working

Space Tag alerts users

It's a peer-to-peer device that works by detecting other SPACEtags nearby within a configurable area, and then alerting those users.

Space Tag with audio and visual alerts

SPACEtag provides a prominent visual and audio alert to warn each person in the detection area.

A pre-warning area can be configured with a yellow flashing indicator, as well as the audible and visible violation red alert indicator. Audio and visual alerting is configurable and sound is mutable with the built-in button.

Space Tag Pulse

SPACEtags constantly pulse silently

Once they become in range of each other the wearer is alerted. There is also no limit to the number of SPACEtags in an area.

Designed for the workplace environment

Woman working in a laboratory
Ofiice Workers
Warehouse Worker

SPACEtag is designed for comfortable external wearing, for example with an armband, belt clip or lanyard and can be used in any workplace setting such as laboratories, offices, warehouses and factories.

It can operate anonymously and stand-alone for staff peace-of-mind, or can be linked to the Iknaia personnel location tracking platform [] for logging and recording violations as well as the monitoring of user well-being.

Key features

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